removing swing arm bearing from frame

I am intending to replace my swing arm bearings as they weren’t really lubricated and have brinelled. What I am wondering is that there are a couple of slots in the frame where the bearing cups are located which I assume are used to extract the cups.

Does anyone know of what tool is suitable or what method works to knock them out?

I don’t think it matters but it is a 1200 sport 8v

Not sure if this helps and this

If you’ve not started yet, it might give you an idea of the task to hand!

Hi Tris

Thanks for the links; I have already removed and checked the bearings but have replacements to fit still.

I’ll post a repsonse once I have worked out a way to extract the cups.

Solved, needed to use a pry bar with the sharp edge on the bearing cup inside and then used a bar that passed through the frame onto the pry bar and knocked out with a hammer. Two person job but took couple of minutes to do.