Replacement coils

Hello again everybody. Acouple of months ago Brian UK suggested that the 30 year old coils on my Le Mans mark two may be past their best.It would appear that one of them now is. The bike becomes a single at about 60 mph on the motorway.(Left cylinder). Swapping the connections stops the right one from working. What is the general opinion for a good modern replacement? Both of them ,obviously. Regards. Dave.

You need something with a primary coil winding of around 3 - 5 ohms for contact breaker triggered ignition. Electrex World have a wide selection.

Most coils fit this criterea

i use coils from VWP with no issues

Coils designed fro CDI or electronic ignition systems tend to have primary coil resistances of around 1.5 ohms and draw too much current if fitted to a contact breaker triggered system.