Replacement horn for 1200 sport

I’d like to replace the original horn with a louder item and would welcome advice. I’m not sure a larger horn would fit in the existing position, under the oil cooler. Can anyone recommend a suitable horn and suggest a mounting point?


I put a StebelNautilus on my Breva 1100 using the same mounting point. Had to check that nothing would touch when turning.

I built a loom with relay to the battery to avoid a large current draw through the horn switch.

No probs two years later.

This is the best pic I have:

boy they are good horns I have them fitted to the company vans , they make your presence known.

Again have one on the Norge, best thing since sliced bread. The one I got had a relay in the pack, and that failed very early on. Quite a few have fitted them, an extra bracket from the coil mounting is also popular.

Halfords do a Ring ‘Fiamm’ hi and lo tone. I fitted the lo tone only using same bracket and electrics. The horn points to the left and it’s very loud and red just like my bike.

The problem with the Fiamm is you DO need the Hi and Lo for the car driver to hear it always.

I put just the Lo on on Annies 535 and many times it is not audible at M way speeds, I then put the other Hi one on as well and it is piercing…

I bought a Nautilus, and touched the contacts to a battery to test it. Though I was expecting it to be loud, the racket was such a shock I nearly dropped it. It’s on a shelf, I have worked out where to fit it when I get time, and it’ll have a separate button to the 136db MX Magnum I got from Nippy Norman’s… or if I can find out how to set it up, a timed relay so it cuts in if I hold the horn button for more than a second. The Magnum is louder than any other bike horn I’ve heard anyway. guzzibear2013-09-03 11:21:46

Why do you need more than the Magnum? You stand the risk of scaring someone into over-reacting.I have to say I very rarely need a horn, and in the car the greatest use is to wake up the driver in front when the lights go green.

Aye, satisfied with the Magnum, but as I’d already bought the Nautilus, and seeing as you have one on your Norge… and I’m not the only deaf sod, you never know!
I like the idea of a delayed louder horn, just in case, though I very rarely use horns, most times it’s just to be sure they are working!

Thanks to everyone who replied. I’ve ordered a Magnum horn from Nippy Normans. I’m looking forward to binning the original that sounds like its come off a Vespa 50 !