Replacing California Footboard rubbers

Stupid question but worth asking anyway - I need to replace one of the footboard rubbers on my 1994 Cali 1100 - the lugs on the old one have gone brittle and broken away. Â I’ve ordered a replacement part and so I can fit it when it arrives…Do I just push the lugs through the holes in the metal footboard (presuming the rubber lugs have some ‘give’) or is there some technique I need to be aware of?

Cheers in advance.


Hi Steve, a quick spray of silicon will help ease the rubbers on and will help the lifespan also.
Cheers, Gerry.Â


Cheers - good call.


DOH - wish I’d thought of that when I did mine :frowning:

IIRC I used a G cramp tot hold some pressure on each lug (?) plus a bit of string and used it like you would fit an old school windscreen