replacing fork stanchion

Fork is leaking, chrome was worn away / missing on the front of the stanchion. Never changed a fork stanchion before.

Drop fork assembly.

Undo a nut that locates inside of bottom fork. Pull out stanchion, then what?

That’s my total knowledge,

idiots guide anyone?

Do you intend to rechrome or replace?
This is something I may be doing soon on my Bella as the stanchions are in the worst state I have ever seen.

Would be helpful to know which bike is involved.

Oops. I started this thread at work, running short of time. Bike is a California 3. Intention is to buy a new stanchion from Gutsibits.

Hi 1150GS, if you followed my instructions on the fork seal replacement (June 2016) you would be left with the stanchions in the yokes, undo clamp bolts at rear of yokes and slide stanchions out, if sticky, carefully tap a large screwdriver into the clamp slots to give clearance.
Cheers, Gerry.

Or use some lubricant (eg Duck oil or GT85/WD40)…don’t like the idea of opening up cast pieces by force.

thanks for the reply… senior moment here… again. Forgot that I’d posted a query about this before. just ordered a stanchion, fork & dust seal from Gutsibits, just under £100.

I’ve been spraying lubricant around the stanchion for a while to hopefully make sure that it’s free.

don’t like the idea of opening up cast pieces by force.[/quote]

Was not suggesting use of lump hammer, just a gentle tap with a wedge shaped object will help unstick the stanchions.