Replacing number plate bulb V11 Rosso Mandello / Sourcing paint for plastic tank .

I took the plunge again a couple of months ago of getting another Guzzi, after parting with my 1100 sport carb model and always regretted it , my knees were a bit rubbish and the ape ridding position were just getting a bit too much , the v11 Rosso Mandello is just that bit more comfortable. Initial niggles replaced front brakelight switch and a new clutch cut out switch on its way as a bit erratic from Gutsibits. The back number plate bulb is knackered ,can it be replaced without taking half the back end off , i can see the bulb as it tantalizingly the other side of a clear Perspex sheet , also any idea where to source paint for a couple of chips to the Orange plastic tank, thanks Alex.