replacing switch gear - V50

Can any one advise me which is the best Japanese switch gear for my 1979 V50? i.e. Honda, Kawasaki etc.

I did this years ago on my long gone Spada 1000 but can’t remember what I used.

All advice gratefully received.

Many thanks


I moved this to tech section It kinda depends what you want the V11 Guzzi has switch gear the same as a Honda Fire storm

However if you want lights switch on the right then Yam R1 fit with Tomaselli throttle and for the other side you can choose from just about any Jap bike r even Triumph

Beware and bikes with twin headlamps as you have to take the switch apart and take out the jump wire on the dip/main that with twin lights allow 1 light on dip and both on main.

In either non oem parts or FAQ I had listed the wire codes Yam -Guzzi

Over the years I found it far easier to cut the Guzzi wires and donor ones long, cut each and twist together to prove out THEN using shrin sleeve stagger the connections solder and shring fit the sleeve than tape wrap over, leaves it clean and easy.

Trying to rebuild into new mate n lock connectors is both time consuming, a git of a job and saves nothing.

this is from my notes:
From my notes the Yam wiring is as follows:-
Horn= Pink
Earth = black
Right turn =Dark Green
Turn common = Brown/white
Left turn = Dark Brown
High beam = Yellow
Flash = red/yellow
Dip = light Green
Light common = Blue/Black

On My G V1000 the Guzzi wires are:
Horn= white/black
right turn=grey/red
turn comm=brown with a tag on it
Left turn=green /black
High beam=Greyor slate
Dip=Light green
light common=blue/black

I have a Triumph switch that is as follows

horn= Black with 2 grey trace

earth=Brown/black with 2 grey trace

right turn=light blue 2 grey trace

turn comm=grey 2slate trace

Left turn=orange

High beam=blue with slate tracex2 these must be joined as org had twin headlamps

Flash= Red/Black

Dip=white Grey

Comm Light =Blue white

i hope this helps

I have copied NW on this but I do NOT have the lights on off on the left it has been transposed to the right hand bars so those wires you will have to figure out there is a web site with alt switchgear wiring on it it may be carl allisons site but not sure if i find out any more i will let you know.

You can test functions by using a meter if you get the comm turn the left and right will be apparrent. you can do the same with main and dip and flash
The dodgy one is the horn as it will blow a fuse if you get it wrong. lol

Not sure if I should post this here or in the NON-OEM section … sure it’ll get moved if needs be. As part of an ongoing project I have needed discover the wiring pin-out from a Suzuki TS185ER left hand switchgear. This has horn, indicators, lights on/off and main/dip. As the subject comes up fairly regularly, someone may find this helpful. Suzuki TS185ER Handlebar switch continuity check  Horn (loose wires)  Black/White earth  Dark Green Power from the horn to the switch  Indicators  Right Indicators  Light Blue Power from indicator relay  Light Green Power to signal indicator and right indicators  Left Indicators  Light Blue Power from indicator relay  Black Power to signal indicator and left indicators  Lights  Dimmer Switch  Dip Beam Grey - White continuity  Main Beam Grey - Yellow continuity • Yellow Power too main beam and main beam indicator • White Power to dip beam  Lighting Switch  OFF White/Red - Green/White continuity  ON White/Red - Grey continuity • Green/White Power to the Magneto Resistor (voltage regulation) • White/Red Main power in • Grey Power to the Dimmer Switch, speedo, tacho and rear lights

Lawrie in Eastbourne 2004 California Stone +

PS: On vehicles with 12v electrics and a reg/rec the Green/White, Power to the Magneto Resistor (voltage regulation) wire is redundant.

Ducati switchgear from the 1990s on is very good quality, inexpensive and the same as many Guzzis

current v7 switches are minda from india and can be bought cheep as chips from Hitchcocks as used on Royal enfields

Good call Noel
it’s a keeper

Found a few problems many years ago fitting Suzuki SX200 gear to a Spada, the Japanese gear was switched on the positive side whereas the Guzzi is switched on the earth side, or the other way round? Whatever G.

A relay can be used to ‘invert’ the function. I have to do this with the Honda Superdweam switches that I’m using where the kill switch is on when it’s ‘off’, and off when it’s ‘on’. The horn button is internally earthed to handlebar on one side (but still has an earth wire as well), thus requiring horn to be ‘live’ or else a relay must be used. Fortunately starter button isn’t fussy.