Morning all.
I’m sure it’s been mentioned before but a search has not come up with the answer…
What sort of mileage can you expect once the reserve light goes in on a V11 Le Mans?

I got about 20 yesterday but took it easy (sub 70) on the M4.

Well depending where the float falls it should have 4-5 litres in reserve so technically 40+ miles not ripping the road up.

I find my fuel light flickers for about 20-30 miles before comming on fully then on fill up it takes under 20 litres of fuel. I tend to look for fuel once it starts to light up fully.

By the way when it had done under 20k miles and on basic unleaded I had fuel light on the work commute come on at 120 miles regularly.

Once the magic 20k miles were up and I started using soopah un leaded it has jumped to regularly 160 miles, smae rider same commute, and on a run the fuel light had NOT even flickered at 220 miles.

The commute of 17 miles each way sucks far more fuel than a decent run out alot more noticable on the V11 than the V1000 I guess that is down to the elektrikery in the ECU brain

Thanks Ken.

As a matter of interest, is there anything you DON’T know about V11’s?! Your knowledge is encyclopaedic!

Loads still learning really got alot more 'sperience on the V1000 cos I have had to do most things on it.

I tend to find out stuff as I go cos I can never afford dealer service, sometimes it is trial with loads of errors But had the V11 for 6-7 yrs now so had to find out a fair bit.

Mind you stuff like tyres is sooooo personal others like more grip and hi wear me I go for the touring/road options.

If you go for a rack the steel one can rub the rear sides away, and throw overs will need some sort of soft backing.

However I found someone who can now make the “Le Mans” decals for a fraction of the Guzzi price.

If you want better mirrors look on e-bay for the Buell firestorm ones same part number with slightly longer stalks bolt straight on

I had my fuel light come on and it showed completely empty on our way to Devon and did another 121 miles!!! unbelievable this Stelvio.