Resetting Service symbol

I have serviced my 2013 California and now need to reset the service spanner symbol. How is this done? Is it relatively easy? and has anyone done this themselves.

need some diag software

No need for any software. Just go to menu, then service, enter the following code 34534 then ‘reset coupon’ your spanner symbol will be gone.


Thanx Jon will be attempting it this weekend

Did you manage to get the spanner offf buy entering the code I had to go the dealer and pay 60 quid for them to do this,this happened at my 6000ml service just gave the bike it’s 12000ml service so the spanner is due to come on again .

I have reset my service symbol twice on my Belagio.
You do not need a dealer and inho a decent dealer would have told you. It was Paul Harris who showed me.

I did this on my blue griso a few years ago before getting the Cali 1400 I’m afraid the new Cali is
a different beast I will just have to wait till the spanner comes on and try it myself it took Jim allans an hour the last time because it hadn’t been linked with the factory computer since leaving the factory in July 2014 .

Spanner came on coming back from the Scottish rally hit menu the service put the code in the hit the reset coupon hit yes and it does take the spanner off just saved 50 quid brill plus the rally was cracker again thanks all the gang derek.