Restoration of 500cc Astore

Can anyone offer any advice or help please on engine restoration of a 500cc Astore bike? Many Thanks

Welcome Victor, you have posted in the wrong section of the forum, it should be in the tech threads. I’m sure someone can help you with your engine rebuild on the forum :smiley:

If you are on Facebook, there may be more response via the Guzzi Singles group.
With the best will in the world, it is pretty quiet on this forum nowadays.

It is a shame but true, footfall on the forum is not what it used to be. Personally I do not use Facebook as I am not happy with my details, text and photos being no longer my own after publishing. However, it seems a lot of people do not care or do not know about this.

I hope you get the advice you need, be it on here or on Facebook.

Sad but true. Like Chris I don’t use Facebook, but there is also a Google group specifically for Guzzi singles which is very active, with a lot of knowledgable members.

Hopefully this link will get you there:

  • 1 for the Google Guzzi Singles group.
    I must spend too much time on Facebook, I was looking for the “Thumbs up” like button!