Restoring a 350 gts, need lots of advice, a manual

Partially striped down, engine split, one piston locked in the barrel, all piston rings snapping on removal, brake calliper split and piston removed, need seals, I could go on, all advice gratefully received

Piston locked in barrel: Diesel fuel, good soaking. Time, several hours or even days. Fat bit of wood. Big old hammer. Good luck.

thanks for reply, soaked in wd 40, brake fluid, diesel, chain lube, hit with 4 pound sledge hammer, not moved yet

Wd40 won’t shift it, I use bulldog bdx, it unseised a Kawasaki z1000 that sat outside for 30 years, soak it, a couple of times, leave it 48 hours and gently turn it over, patience is your friend

thanks, for comment, not heard of bulldog bdx

Heat is your friend with shifting anything stuck, along with a good penetrating solution. Either opo it in the oven for a couple of heat cycles or a heat gun will get it hot with patience.
As for manuals, The Guzzitek is usually good but has nothing for the 4 cylinder models. Maybe try looking for Benelli manuals as they are the same bike with different badges. Alternatively a Honda 500-4 manual may help as Guzzi just copied the engine!

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