Returning biker - looking for 750/850 MG ideas

I alsready have a lovely Nevada, 750, which i enjoy very much, 2008 , only 4000 on the clock, great. But i would also like a more modern one e.g. a V7.
I want ABS and a gear indicator, i understand the V7 111 has these features , do they work ?
I would alo like a classic style - wire wheels, coloured gloss paint, etc. I have seen a few V7 111’s for sale and also a V7 Anniversario, .
Sugestions please , which one would suit me, any other ideas.
Is the 850 much of an improvemnt on the 750.
Many thanks

Hi, ive also just returned to riding and got a v7 850 and im loving it, it felt enormous for the first few rides but now i find it great, cant say if its better or worse than a 750 but its a piece of cake to service yourself - get the service kit from gutzibits and watch some you tube vids

Thanks Steve, the one thing i worry about ( am 70) is the weight. My Nevada is 180 KG ( wet or dry) , i don’t know., the V7 750 is 209 kg and the 850 is shown as 223 kg , both of those wet weights, so i don’t want a big weight jump.
I assume ABS works well, but what about the gear indicator, is that OK?. A very useful thing on a Guzzi where gear selection is a bit agricultural. Thanks very much for your message. I suppose the thing to do is have a test ride.

Hi Brian, yes the gear indicator works although sometimes mine sometimes says its in third for half a second until it works out which gear it is actually in.
It does sound like quite a bit of a weight jump but the bike does seem to carry it quite low down unlike say , an adventure type bike.
Yes, going to a ride on one is a good idea- you should know if its for you or not.
Good luck

Hello - I’m also a “Returning Biker” and looking to buy an MG V7 850 (Stone or Classic) having already purchased a motorcycle of another well known brand which met my needs in varying respects such as budget, engine size and riding style.

The Moto Guzzi V7 was on my short list albeit it was more than i was prepared to pay at first. Having recently rode a MG V7 Stone (Demo Ride) I am completely sold on the V7, the moment i started the engine that was it for me!
So as of now, I’m trying to work out how to proceed.
Keep my current bike and buy a V7 or P/X my current bike for a V7.