Ride Out 18th November

You are cordially invited to join in a Ride Out on Saturday, 18th November 2023.
Non-branch members most welcome.

Meet up at McDonalds in Spalding PE12 6JP at 11:00.

Ride to The Royal Oak at Great Dalby LE14 2ET via Bourne, Colsterworth and Melton Mowbray.
Stop-over for refreshments or whatever you fancy.
Return leg via Oakham, Stamford, Market Deeping and to Spalding.

Estimated distance approximately 87 miles.

At this time of year it remains subject to favourable weather conditions.

I’m up for it (weather and wife permitting). I don’t mind if it’s a bit on the cold side.

There is a WhatsApp group which I am a member of that is Peterborough based, do yo mind if I ask on there? I’m not very active within the group, but I know one quite well and the is a V7 owner (I think).

Eddie, I don’t know what the protocol is but I don’t have an issue. Perhaps a quick chat with Alan might be appropriate.
Do you want to ask Alan or shall I?

What is this Peterborough WhatsApp group?

It is a small group (11 members) which was started by a friend before I started riding. I think that it was created as a simple way of coordinating rides between a group of friends. Would you mind asking, as I’m being hassled to get out and sort the boat mooring out.


Yeah, put it out there. The more the merrier.

How do i get into the whatsapp group?

It’s by invitation of the owner of the group I’m afraid. I’m hoping he might come out with us.

I’m still up for it as long as the weather is ok. I suppose we’d be starting from Peterborough if things stay as they are.

Great news.
I went on the route yesterday from Bourne, just to test it out. Very enjoyable.

Should be a nice little jaunt as long as the weather is favourable. Anyone intending on joining us from the fb group you mentioned?

Haven’t heard of anyone else from the branch declaring their intentions.

No, they’ve all put their bikes to bed for the winter or have other things going on. I might ask the local RoSPA branch though.
I am familiar with most of that route and find it enjoyable on two wheels or four.
The forecast is changing day by day, so it is be impossible to know what to expect at the moment. It still looks acceptable to me.

I don’t understand the concept of laying-up a bike for the winter. Whilst I don’t like the cold and wet days, the winter season does sometime offer beautiful days; to ride out on a crisp sunny winter morning. But each to their own.

Irrespective of the weather, I’ll be joining the Rutland HOG Toy Run on the 10th December. Interested?

Yes. I was going to ask you about it when we break at Great Dalby.
Please tell me that someone is likely to dress up as the Hogfather. :rofl:
I’m with you on the Winter riding thing. I did my CBT in October last year, rode my 125 over the winter and then started my DAS training during that very cold spell we had in Febuary. I’m not going out if I know that it’s going to be pouring down or icy, but I fully intend to ride throughout the winter.

Comment on FB [Shaun Boulter]

Could meet at Colsterworth McDonald’s if that’s an option? Also was planning to visit the event at Melton that [Russ Vaughan] mentioned.

BIG Birthday weekend]-R

David, I’ve asked if the conversation can be moved to the forum. Alan has made a comment stating that he intends to join us.

The day of the planned ride has finally arrived. The weather forecast of last week had been predicting rain throughout Saturday morning, a front coming in from the West. Day by day the prospect was improving and finally Saturday morning is here. Overnight rain has pretty much stopped and at 10 am when I set off my drive, there was only a very light drizzle.

The Black Eagle was fitted with the newly acquired panniers mounted on the modified EV racks and the previously announced cellphone holder from Lidl for £5.99. This ride was going to test the security of both bits of kit.

At 10:20 met up with EddieH at the fuel station and then on to Spalding for the next rendezvous. The drizzle had cleared and the view to the West was looking nice. Two became four with Alan and Pete from Spalding to Bourne and then Colsterworth. The A151 was good and the grin was firmly in place. At the Colsterworth rendezvous the four became seven with Shaun, Sean and Russ. At this point you should be humming that wonderful tune from the 1960 version starring Messrs Brynner, McQueen, Bronson, Vaughn, Coburn, Dexter and Buchholz. I could only remember the first five. My friend Goog Le helped with the last two.

Along the B676 to Melton Mowbrary and a quick visit to motorcycling accessories shop who were celebrating their first anniversary. What a sight: lined up outside the shop were the Seven of our beloved marque along with two Ducatis and A KTM (I think), the latter three belonging to the shop. We did our bit. And then on to the Royal Oak at Great Danby after a mystery tour in Melton Mowbray as the ride guide lost his bearings (and marbles some would say).

Before lunch there was a need for a quick visit to the gents and what a conversation with another visitor! “I was looking at your motorbikes” said he to which I replied “yes, I thought parking against the far fence would be safer”. “Yes, what’s that older looking one” said the chap. “Oh” I responded “That’s a 1980 California T3 towards the right”. “No, no” he returned, “the Japanese one towards the left next the that black one” He was referring to Pete’s V50! I had to report that back to Pete at the table. A good laugh enjoyed by all.

After lunch and refreshments, the return leg was through Jon O’Gaunt, Oakham, Stamford, Market Deeping, with those heading their own way home and then there was three for Spalding. Salutations exchanged and the remaining two rode back to Peterborough before splitting separate ways home.

The panniers and Lidl phone holder didn’t fall off but I did manage to scuff my beloved’s car bumper with the right pannier on my drive! Nothing a bit of T Cut won’t fix.

Back home at 16:30. What a blooming lovely day. We have to to this more often.

As I stood at the pump, feeding my Moto Guzzle, I was in no doubt about what type of bike had just pulled in off the road. Absolutely unmistakable. What a wonderful sound.

It was gooood.
Pity others not joining in this forum.