Riding the Salt

Never a good thing but in the last few years my local council have taken to laying down a good coating at the slightest provocation - money to spare I guess.

Most of my bikes get tucked away for the duration but I will be running a couple - The Pearl and Jaws the sidecar. What I’d be looking for is some kind of oily coating I can apply that would last the season, maybe with just a cold water rinsing down between rides.

Does anyone have experience of products that will actually do this?


Can’t say I have ever tried it myself, but that ACF50 spray is what a lot of people rave on about.
I just wash my bikes off after a ride (if I remember) Maybe I should try some.

I was told Duck Oil is the best stuff. Can be bought in a spray can, or bigger tins for brushing on.

Ride Magazine did a test on rust prevention sprays and XCP Rust Blocker came out top. Even better than ACF 50

Can still get Waxoyl (just did a search) - might be difficult to get off afterwards.