Ring gear to flywheel bolts.

Is it ok to use 8.8 tensile bolts on the ring gear to flywheel?.. I know the flywheel to crank shaft uses higher 10.9. Should I use these instead. Cant find reference to it. Many thanks. Bike is 850 lemans…

See Gutsibits sell M8 x 20mm for this.8.8…So take it thats the one.guzzipainter2012-08-14 11:32:27

Hi GP, first off, the disclaimer, not totally certain of the specs so don’t blame me if it goes wrong. Now for the common sense bit. The crank to flywheel bolts are subject to massive torque effects on acceleration and deceleration due to the lever arm distance of the flywheel rim from the centre, the starter ring is subject to a much smaller torque since it is closer to the rim, in fact, the biggest torque the starter ring is subject to is is when the starter motor is initially used. Unless you engage the starter motor at 7000 revs, 8.8 bolts should be more than adequate.Cheers, Gerry.

Thanks Gerry! Have it closed up with 8.8’s… Just remembered I forgot to put the tab washer on the gearbox input shaft nut…Fix it tomorrow

At work we always use 10.9 on all of our clutches and flywheels.(Race and rally cars)We get them from Trident motorfactors in silverstone.