RIP William Dunlop

Not much to say really. His wife pregnant with their second I think.

Fair taken a shine off the day it has.

Very sad

Tragic :frowning:

RIP William

I wonder what is going through Michael’s head right now? How about their mother and aunt. :frowning:

Oh crud. :frowning:

Apart from the pain, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was thinking about how to win the Ulster and bring the fastest lap back to Ireland, in tribute to his brother. He is a Dunlop.

It’s really William’s partner I feel for. Got to bring up two littluns on her own. Tough sport.

Just read an article which says that the family, the organisers of the Skerries 100 and the riders all agreed that the meeting would go ahead but on a non championship basis and with all the prize money going to the Dunlop family. Good call. On the other hand, discussing it with my son (23) he said ‘you do what you have to do but road racing is a selfish thing to do if you have kids’.