I had the frame on my Ambassador powder coated which meant removing the vin plate. Removing the rivets was tricky and one refused to shift resulting in a damaged corner. I bought a new vin plate off the web which is un stamped.
Do I use the new plate or do I refit the old damaged one, which obviously has signs of damage?
If I use the new one where’s the best place to get it stamped with the info?
Where can I find the rivets in the UK?
Is it even legal to replace the vin plate?
Is it legal to remove the vin plate?
What do restorers do?

Use hammer drive rivetts, they may have another name, but an ebay search finds a few
I would buy a set of stamps and stamp it yourself. No you’re not supposed to but who’s going to query it, or put the old one back on. Depends on how perfect you want it to look.
Is the number not stamped into the frame as well as the plate? It is on my Spada.

I can’t say for sure whether it’s legal or not but, I saw an episode of “Bangers & Cash” where Derek removed the vin plate from a rare car in order to keep it safe until the auction. Apparently there are people who come to view the cars and steal these plates so that their ordinary model can suddenly become something rare and exotic.

I agree with Don. Who is going to query it ? And, if you keep the original plate, you can show it as evidence that you haven’t changed any details.

You can do what you like with a vin plate that you own.
You can chuck it in the bin or alter it or do whatever you want.
There is no legal requirement for an owner to display one on a plate but it must be stamped somewhere as far as I recall (I doubt the law has changed but happy to be educated)
That would be unwise for a number of obvious reasons.

And you cannot present it (or any other document for that matter) in a way with an intention to deceive, or use it to show something which is isn’t. Or a newer model motorcycle/ more expensive etc

Hiya JM

I’ve been through my box of unused GUZZI spares and found my bag of rivets…
But there’s only one left!

So I went online and the nearest I can find is eBay item number
383706327704 about 100 for £4 !

They are called.

Two points
Check the sizes are what you need and
I think that you can buy brass ones instead of brass plated so it might be worth a trawl around

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help