Rocker covers and Noitromorse

I am looking at refurbing the finish on my V11 rocket covers. The paint is lifting and I am thinking, get it all off and polished up. Is Noitromorse safe to use on rocker cover grade aluminium?

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Anyone fancy answering the actual question I asked?

No because I have never tried it.
However I could get really picky and say I have no input on Nitromors either.
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Nitromors do not give any advice in their information sheet but it was produced to remove paint from wood.
I would suggest you try a test area on some scrap aluminium (edit: or on the inside of a rocker cover) to see if it corrodes the surface. I have not tried this myself.

I used Nitromors to strip the paint off my Jackal rocker covers. It is probably not as potent as it used to be, so needed to use loads, but it was quite theraputic watching the old paint bubble up and then slide off in big lumps. Needed loads of elbow grease to shift the stubbon residue that was left, then plenty of time on my polishing wheel to shine them up. Also stripped the yokes and fork legs too and they all shined up nicely in the end

So yes it will work, but be prepared to spend some time on them. A more potent stripper, if available may be less labour intensive.



Thanks Guy, I know to invest now. Chris, thanks for the suggestion, I was really getting at, is it worth buying.

I think I meant erodes not corrodes, but anyway I don’t have any experience on ali, it works (or used to) on painted wood.

Come on Chris, we all know the forum should be fun in some areas, on topic in others, relax and respectful overal. No one “should” pick up on a gaff like that in this context.

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The simple answer is to remanufacture the rocker boxes…out of wood :slight_smile:

You’d then be able to paint/strip/repaint at will, knowing that the paint stripper was designed for the task.


Yes i do
i have had clients use it and get resonable results but end up buying quite a lot of it as it is nowhere near as strong as it used to be i do not know anyone that has ruined the rocker cover using it .
I would as i do it reccomend Aquablasting them cost would be £30 for the two + return costs i will dip them in my water based paint stripper then aquablast clean ready for you to polish

I am please to report 'Loctite SF 7200" is much better than modern impotent nitromorse and plenty good enough. One tin will do four V11 rocker boxes.