Roller cam replacement.

On may 31st, i picked bike up from its annual service(1200 sport 8v head) to be told my cams had started to wear! Not unexpected. What was unexpected was this afternoon’s phone call informing me that my roller cam kit was now in dealers and when would i like it fitted!
I was expecting months of wrangling and delay. Pleasantly surprised and slightly stunned right now. Are Guzzi getting their act together re customer service? Stay tuned for further updates!

Nice one! :astonished:

Job done. picked it up today from dealer, defo seems quieter and not sure if it’s my imagination but seems a wee bitty more responsive! :smiley:

A great result. It sounds like you have found a top dealer. Spill the beans on who is giving great service :smiley:

How much did they charge you labour ?

Did you tell us what year the bike is?

Hi Jim. how are you?

still here Chris. Norge is running great - since I rollerised it myself 7k ago - hence my query on the cost for labour

T5 not so good, had problems changing a clutch on it but got there eventually and then lost the swing arm pins - reckon I must have tossed them out with some rubbish but dot believe it myself, getting a couple of a member on another forum.

I see you are still doing the branch organising - thought you had given that up ?

I have passed on the baton to others in the branch, just keep my logo!
I’m going to need a roller conversion on my 2010 Stelvio NTX in the near future, hence asking the OP the year of his bike. I just did a 4 day trip to Northumberland and back via the lakes with my son, we just nosed into Scotland and stopped the night in Jedburgh. Great ride but too much rain, Whitby is now known as Whetby! The tappets are getting very loud, and I only had the bike serviced in March 300 miles ago!
The 950S is still an ongoing project, the engine is with Baldrick, and I’ve the frame and cycle parts shot blasted and powder coated, nearly there but why rush? After 15 years what’s another year!
Take care and ride safe. Maybe see you at the AGM?

Cheers Chris

wont make it this year either - location is too far south, again, and not handy for non-campers

Fair point

Dealer was Jim Allan in Falkirk, Scotland, only dealer in Scotland, bike is a 2012 registration(A7 engine no.) wear was detected at just over 13k miles and cost was a fixed price of £250.(labour only) Think he said they have done 2 others under warranty, both Stelvio’s.

£250 is the cheapest i have seen quoted - several others got charged double that - and it is only a 4 hour job max

I have just rollerised my Sport and its more perky at lower revs, which is nice.

That is a great result. I had to do the job myself and bits alone were £750. I guess you had full factory service history?

yes. full service history.