Rosso Red paint

I took ages to find a paint match for the rosso red on the V11 Le Mans the red/grey one After alot of research the red kit from these guys IS a spot on match …bloody brill the info sheet is spot on too.

Nice to find someone that gets it right.

Spoke to Mal of “Bike Colours” at Stafford he reccomended someone to do graphics for the V11 Le Mans, top bloke

I’ll try him, I need new ‘rosso mandello’ graphics for the tailpiece on mine. Needs a repaint and obv then will need graphics…
The finish on the’porkchops’ has worn a a bit too but the will be a nightmare to match up.oh well it is over ten yrs old…

What I did was do a pencil rubbing of origional decals and send it to the guy at Ilkeston


He did the “Le Mans” graphics at half the cost of ones from Guzzi

He copied EXACTLY the rear fairing ones and also sent the “Eagle” old stylised oe for the V1000 top bloke