Rough running from cold

My 2001 Jackal now runs really well when warm. No hesitation pulls, strongly in all gears, and really flies. But from cold it feels particularly rough, not how I remember my old one (or indeed how my next door neighbour who also had a Jackal remembers).

Is there anything in particular they suffer from that may affect initial running after start up?

I have a similar cold bug on a 1996 Cali, same block different Euro compliance as yours. Starts up on one cyl unless ambient Temp is greater than 10C. Runs regularly after standing for a minute.
In my book that’s not quite broken, so seeing as it’s got no mods or improvements to the wiring, filtering or fuelling i’m leaving well alone until the inevitable catastrophe.
I looked over a Jackal with the hydraulics before settling on mine, lovely engine on it :slight_smile: