Round LED sealed unit indicators (for older Guzzis)

I just couldn’t get a reliable flash due to rusty innards in the indicators. I know you can fit LED bulbs (obviously, duuuh), but if the indicator housing innards are rusty and/or worn, they are as tempramental as incandescent bulbs.

I found these COMPLETE SEALED UNIT LED indicators for the Convert MOT.

They are super-bright and 100% reliable, compared to fitting a bulb. Because they are sealed units, there is never any condensation. They fit the old fashioned round guzzi housings perfectly. I simply pulled out the old rusty bulb-holders and connected the wiring in the void that created, as the new LED units here are surface mounted onto the bike indicator shells. You’ll need to swap the (dual) original indicator relays with a single LED capable 2-pin one (available widely and dead cheap, and easy). The hazards still work perfectly. If you have problems, then you’ve got the earth/live the wrong way around, nit.

We got the indicators to make a website gif (needed a sign with flashing lights on). This is the movie of Ling making the gif, so you can see them flashing IRL. There’s a small 12v battery on the back of the sign powering them.

Click the image to see the video, making the gif.

Here’s a couple of gifs that we made:

I paid £18 each for the units, considering the top quality they are great. After Ling finished filming with them, I put them on the bike. I think they are designed to replace the old Lucas units on Land Rovers, tbh.

I got them from Wood Auto, Gateshead.

Bingo, super-bright, super-reliable, sealed, perfect LED indicators! Dead easy job. They are 2W each, so save on electricity bills, too!