Round rocker covers on square heads

How do they do it?Tried at the weekend and the rocker gear is too high for the round cover.Can you buy a spacer?

Ahhh tis a clever thing, There are the 2 types of rocker cover I do believe the Ambo ones are taller there is a spacer you can get but it then means you need 2 gaskets and ones I have seen often weep oil.

I think Paul at Corsa put the taller covers on one of his bikes so he may be the guy to ask. I may not be correct tho’ so check it out

To get the spacer not to weep take 2 6mm bolts about 4’’ long and cut off the head. screw these into any far apart cylinder head holes and then build the sanwitch up over them.Lightly screw in the other bolts, remove the studs, put in the last 2 bolts and then tighten as normal.I do not know if the Finebau Forge protectors are thick enough. Edited to say,I have the Finebau Forge protectors on my lil;Breva and they do not weep, once I discovered this technique.
iandunmore2013-05-20 12:52:30

Finebau Forge protectors are 10mm

Some one pointed me towards gutsi bits and they sell spacers with 2 gaskets :slight_smile:

there the same ones,he does cheaper ones as well

You can also get spacer plates without the projecting (protection) bit which some say spoil the look of the plot. You will need round head rocker cover gaskets above the plate (between the plate and the round rocker covers) and square head rocker cover gaskets below the plate.

As GB has noted above there are different types of round barrel cover. The very early V7 Ambassador ones are taller but only on the outer side, they also have the four bolts to the front and rear (over the exhaust and inlet ports) bearing on pillars at the top of the rocker covers where as the later V7s, 750S, and 850Ts all had higher rocker covers but all of the screws were bearing near the bottom of the cover with slots cast into the covers to access the heads of the four front and back set screws.
Later ones (750S3, LM1, T3 onward) were the same but had a 45 deg slope to the outer side of the cover, (when fitted this face is vertical) but they can be fitted to earlier engines without fouling the rocker gear.
What you have to watch are the oil breather holes, earlier covers didn’t have them.

Good luck

Some of the square rocker covers do not have breather holes, the T5 engine has breathers exiting on the inside not from the rocker covers

Stein_dinse do what you are after.