RR45 regulator/rectifier(?)

I had one of those ‘Guzzi’ moments the other day. My T3 just died for some reason and on thumbing the starter button,nothing doing. Anyway,I noticed that all idiot lights were still on and something like 16 volts was showing on the voltmeter. I scratched my head for a bit,which was no use of course,so pulled the fuses to see if any had popped.All was well there,so I tried the starter again and the ruddy thing starts! So my question is, does the RR45 have some sort of overload protector which resets after a while,as this is fitted to my bike? Nick.

Yes it has overload protection but fairly instantaneous, so pretty sure that’s nothing to do with it. Instead check out ‘click no start’ in the FAQ’s section. Also seems you’ve got bad connectors somewhere if it ‘died’, seems battery is OK so not that. But could be loose or ‘dirty’ battery connectors.

Thanks for that, I will investigate what you suggested. Nick.

New power supply to the relay required almost certainly.Read thisThis is how I did mine, Take a new power supply from one of the lower fuse outlets (the power is direct from the battery here and through the fuse) and run it down to the relay as in the pictures

Thanks DonSpada,I will get a new starter relay I think,as the one on my bike looks pretty original and slightly manky. I did have a bit of 'click-no crank 'before this problem and cleaned the contacts which seemed to do the trick then,but will certainly do the modification as per your link. As a matter of interest,I went on a local charity run yesterday of about 120 miles and,guess what-no problems at all. Guzzis;don’t you love 'em! Nick.

Just pulling the fuses and putting them back would've cleaned the crud off the ends, so could have been a bad fuse contact.    Once had the indicators stop for this reason.    However that doesn't explain why the engine "died", as the old Tonti ignition system is not powered through a fuse, but directly from the ignition switch (and before that from battery).   Have a look at your multi-way plug blocks under the tank, might have some dodgy contacts. Kill switch wiring goes through there.   HTH

[/quote] Have a look at your multi-way plug blocks under the tank, might have some dodgy contacts. Kill switch wiring goes through there. I’ve had a look at the wiring around the kill switch area;found a bad contact for something else,but used contact cleaner otherwise.I don’t have a multi-way plug any more-not much is original on this bike-the handlebar switches are Japanese now. Thanks for the help:I will order a new starter relay anyway and get some of this while I’m at it. You never know when you may need some!

NickBrown2014-09-04 12:53:27