Running on one cylinder

Has anyone any experience of their bike only running on one cylinder.

My California 1100i when it gets hot is losing power an running rough and lumpy. When I got it home the left hand cylinder was extremely hot and the right not hot at all.

When running rough it would not rev cleanly, and the tachometer was not working. It is working when the engine is cold and running smooth on two cylinders?

Any ideas. What could be causing this?

Any ideas as to possible solutions?

Being fairly new to Moto-Guzzis all advice from those in the know could be of help.

Cutting out when hot usually is coil failure. Try swapping the coils over so the left does the right and the right does the left. See if the problem swaps over to the other side.If it is an injection model, I assume it has no points condensors etc, so it can’t be one of them breaking down.

Try swapping the plugs over first.
Then the HT leads and finally the coils. I had a dud coil. I replaced both “to be on the safe side” only to find one of the new ones was a dud!
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Funnily enough I’ve had this problem for a while now on my S3. I’ve tried everything/substituted virtually everything, but it just won’t run on two. I’m wondering if there’s some weird earthing issue, and am also by now tempted to rewire the whole bike. Very tedious…

with yours before the rewire
fit a new cable direct from battery to both coils one new wire off each coil to points that will rule out any wiring problems on the harness start it up then switch off ignition (bike will still run as direct battery
O and a earth wire off engine to battery

and see if that cures it


Ex smokingbiker2014-06-12 17:43:37

I’ll give it a go Ray thanks…


I thought you had this sorted with the new condensors. is it still playing up?