S3 Orange

Work on the S3 has got to the point where i’m starting to think about spraying the tank and side panels. I’m not too concerned about exact colour match.
White and black should not be difficult but the orange is more problematic. Can anyone suggest a suitable orange that should look right and be not too difficult to source

Have you tried RS Paints - they have records for many bike colours.

RAL2009 is the orange used on Laverda Jotas and is very similar.

Can you not borrow a genuine part and get it matched?

Thanks for the replies.
Ian - I’ve not spoken to RS but the web site doesn’t list the S3.
Chris950s - RAL 2009 rings a bell, that may well be suitable.
Oldrat - I do have a tank with original paint but in rural Wales under lockdown finding a place that could do the match isn’t easy, also i wonder how much the original color will have faded after 40+ years.


See also here https://www.thisoldtractor.com/moto_guzzi_tonti_paint_codes.html

“this oldtractor” link then links to the Lechler paint website that no longer lists the code or colour.