S3/T3/G5 front brake master cylinder - cl

After 38 years on the road, my S3 needs its Brembo front master cylinder overhauling. In the Brembo overhaul kit, there’s the clip that holds all the innards in, as it were. The old one on mine was knackered.

What’s the best way to insert this into its recess? I was thinking a long socket that fits, to drift it into place. Anyone done this?italianmotor2013-04-29 19:49:18

Took mine to Twiggers he reassembled it all for a fiver cheaper than buying tool, did the Virago one too as THAT needed a needle circlip plier.

yes you need a long thin walled socket, can’t remember if its a 13 or
14mm one needed, I seem to remember that one of the brake master
cylinders needs a 13mm and the other needs a 14mm one,just checked it over and the front handlebar cylinder requires a 13mm long thin walled socket but the behind the side panel linked brakes cyclinder requires a 14 mm long thin walled socket

northwest2013-07-15 19:35:22

Just done the V50 front, not that type though. Yes socket as stated, push it in as far as you can then a sharp tap with a hammer to seat it.

Brilliant, just the reassurance I needed - thanks chaps.

Did a rear once, used a bit of steel tube, can’t remember what, problee an offcut from some B&Q stuff. It had to be hammered in all the way. HTH

Did mine with a long thin screwdriver, just pushed it in a bit at a time and worked round and round till it was seated fully in the groove

Managed to to tap it in with a SnapOn 3/8 13mm long socket and seemed to go in pretty easily. The instructions from Brembo that come with the overhaul kit only have diagrams of the rear master cylinder, and you need a microscope to read them, so I didn’t bother…italianmotor2013-05-02 21:39:51