Sacriledge, or is it OK ?

Well, I’m coming toward the final throws of the restoration of my 2V 1200 sport.

All is finished and the painter rang me yesterday to say everything was ready to pick up. Great thinks I, three days off next week to get it all up and running.

I’ve gone for a Gulf Sport finish…light blue, orange racing stripe highlighted by a black pinstripe. I’ve removed the original badge from the tank, filled in the indentation and had the Guzzi logo painted on in matching orange and black outline.

So, I get to the painters and everything is laid out and looking fantastic. But, something strikes me as not being right, then I spot it.
The Moto Guzzi emblem on the tank has been painted with the eagle under the wording rather than above. To be honest it looks OK but is it Sacrilege to leave it like this. I’ve got 3 days to make up my mind… Leave it, or ask him to do it right ?

Is it personal taste?
There are plenty of rivet counters who will point out that the gearbox washer isn’t original :astonished: Then again there are those who’ll say ‘great bike, do you enjoy it?’ :smiley:
Whatever happens enjoy it!
All the best

it’s your bike, if this is what you want and it will be difrent. me I would not hesitat if the eagle doesn’t offend you then it must be right.
ppe the paint isen’t original so why worrie . :wink:

How can you be worried about the badge if you’ve already had it painted in Gulf colours? You’ve already given the rivet counters apoplexy with the non-Guzzi colour scheme! It’s your bike to do as you wish, so just sit back and enjoy watching them fester in their anoraksia.

Yep…I love the Gulf colours…

Hmm tough one Steve. It depends how much it will niggle you. :

looking forwards to seeing the gulf paint scheme though. Should look really good on the sport.

It’s your bike, tell the rivet counters to swivel.

Firstly did the painter make the mistake or you. Nowadays you can’t leave anything to chance ; you often have to draw or write what you want (I know I’ve been there). If it looks great as the guys say enjoy it. Also if it’s his mistake you could haggle a price allowance.

After much deliberation…decision made.

I’m going to leave it as it is. To me it looks OK, and much of the bike is now non standard.

Ultimately I suppose it is the painters mistake, but he’s made a great job at a very good price so I’m happy to let it slide.

I might just ask him to paint the radiator cowls on my Explorer :smiling_imp:

Did Clive at Rapier paint it Steve?

Mark at Paintzfiction in Beverley

Excellent. I have heard good things about him

Anyone interested ? If you type PaintzFiction into Google it will give you a link to Mark’s Facebook page which has some pics of the finished bike.

You have to click on the picture to see them all. Sorry, total techno numpty I don’t know how to put a link up.

Here you go

Just seen those pix looks fine to me. Given the shape of the tank, that design seems to fit best.