Safety recall V85TT PG2ZZQ2103

Any details about this recall there is nothing on the UK gov vehicle recall site

I didn’t find anything more yet, the site you sent shows 2 recalls for 2019 V85TTs but appears unrelated to the issue on the EU site.

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When hubby had a recall for his V85TT (seal in bevel box, etc) he got a recorded letter from Moto Guzzi to our home address.

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In USA this recall was already issued by NHTSA in 2021
It applies to wearing or seizing inlet valves and appears to be engine number related
This problem has been discussed on the ADV rider V85TT string and does not seem to be common

Hopefull no bikes with those numbers have been sold in UK?
USA recall document is attached

Safety recall V85TT PG2ZZQ2103 intake valves.pdf (502.9 KB)

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I’m afraid to say I had this very problem almost from new, in less than 500 miles the bike had to have new heads or guides and valves I was never sure. As far as I could ever make out it was due to poor quality control regards heat treatment. I’ve stripped and rebuilt many car engines all be it many years ago. The valve stems were visibly worn 0.1mm I measured them with the mechanic, they were literally wobbling in the valve guides, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I also had what we thought was an ignition fault, the wiring was re routed, the mechanic told me the whisper on the street was a bod on the line had routed some cabling wrong and somehow it was interfering. It had a few massive hiccups, this could I guess of been valve related. Anyway all sorted now except the dealer in Chichester has closed. The owner was totally disenchanted with the way Piaggio treated its dealers, a right bunch of w*s, his words not mine.

Does anybody know where the head mechanic went ?

I believe the reason was that some bikes suffered from bevel box leaks from over filling.