Sammy Miller Museum

We took our V10 down to Italian Day on 4/7/21 and were a bit disappointed when about 15 miles before we got there the exhaust cross over fractured, made it a bit noisy but didn’t stop us.

It’s a good day out, everything there from a Munch Mammoth to early bikes that were just that, a bicycle with a little motor attached, many guzzisti there for a chat too. (Thanks for the 100th anniversary sticker.)

Eventually it was time to go and we went back to the now very noisy V10, I put it in gear and… the gear change ball joint sheared off.

Called the AA, got a ride home truck booked for about 3 hours later, never breakdown on a Sunday by the coast.

Sammy went past and we had a chat, he had a look at the problem and agreed there was no way to bodge it for a 100 mile ride home.

He went past again about an hour later and said, oh no you’re still here, bring it over to the workshop, I’m sure I can fix it.

And he did, he removed the sheared ball joint, fitted a new one, got the old thread out of the gear lever and put in a new socket screw.

We are both very grateful to Sammy for saving our day out and will certainly be visiting again, with 400+ bikes there’s plenty to see and we now know what a great owner the museum has.

That was above and beyond the call of duty but nothing that you’d not expect from a man of his calibre.

Glad it all got sorted

Hi, good to read Sammy came to the rescue, I was there once when a guy on a trike came in who was disabled, the wheel of his wheelchair fell off his trike and bent it in an “S” shape, he couldn’t get off the trike as he needed the wheelchair, Sammy took it into the workshop, straightened it and relaced it for him. Good to see there are some good folks around.