Sat Nav power supply 2012 Norge

Can anyone help please? According to my info the Norge has a lead tucked behind the headstock and under the tank, ready for connecting to a SatNav. I have spent ages with the tank unbolted, looking for this lead. In desperation I installed a new fused supply direct from the battery but would prefer to use the MG lead if I can find it. Has anyone else had similar issues and any tips for locating this lead?

nick_boxer2013-01-27 23:39:05

This might help.

Thanks Bikeralw. The photo on that thread gives me a clue where to ferret around but I thought I’d done all the ferreting possible in that area. Maybe I should ask for help from a willing gynaecologist…


This may be worth a read as well Nick. I’m interested in finding out if this power supply is on my Griso.

Thanks Bikeralw. Very useful. As soon as I finish wood chopping duties I’m off green plug hunting armed with new ideas. Good luck with yours!

“There’s Sat nav power hii dd en there behind the green pluuuug hidden there behind the green pluug”

Found it!!! It wasn’t tucked in the space just behind the headstock as most people have reported. I ferreted around in there for ages. Above that space there is a triangular piece of metal bracing. On the cross piece there was a cable tie securing the loom and immediately behind that cable tie was the plug, tucked behind the loom. I’ve taken a couple of pics but can’t post them but if anyone wants them send me a pm with email address and I’ll forward the photos. What a relief! Took me ages.Happy hunting!

Pics for you

red pen shows where the little sucker was hiding