Satan's Slaves?

Anyone come across this lot? I had the slight misfortune to come across a large group of them southbound on the M5 yesterday. There were 20-30 of them in a pack on large Harleys, 2-3 abreast at 80-85 mph in the third lane. Came through like a panzer regiment. I don’t think I have ever seen such arrogance on a British motorway! Seems like they think they are extras in a Mad Max movie. Sorry can’t say on here what I really think about such …

Heard of them. There are plenty of books about these days presenting an inside view of 1%er clubs and their policies and practices and I’d suggest that what you witnessed is pretty much de rigueur in those circles.

Macho posturing and arrogance
their websites are full of fanbois

although I have seen identical riding styles by large groups of Harley riders on many occasions
one lot on the A417 got a shock
I came over the hill at some speed and cut through the centre of them
saw lots of wobbly bikes in my mirrors for a few seconds

right turn clyde !