Scissor Jack for V9 Bobber

Anybody recommend a decent suitable Scissor Jack to use on my V9 Bobber?

Good morning Dobermann … Regarding bike lifts, This has the potential to encompass many differing views and opinions … Rather like oils, tyres, open-face versus full-face helmets, what bikes you want to lift, how much space you have , and on, and on … A couple of years ago, I needed to buy a lift… and one stood out head and shoulders above all others … Quasar Products Ltd. Their most substantial lift, is the “easy-riser” - big blue … A very substantial piece of kit. Brunel would have been proud to have made it …!! It has been worth every penny … Whilst in the development stage, they made sure that this design was capable of lifting the three biggest bikes they new of … That was, the biggest Harley Davidson, a Triumph Rocket 3, and of course, a Gold Wing … The pre-production lifts even lifted, safely, 2 tons … No wonder it laughs at my V7II when I wheel it underneath…! I couldn’t recommend them highly enough… Hope this helps, Let us know how you get on… Regards, Tony


I have the Easy Rizer RED and a V9 Roamer

How did you attach you Eazy Rizer to the V7? I know the wheel lift wont work on mine and the peg lift looks like it will scratch the exhaust up unless I take them off every time


Hi Tris, The cradle, or rear support ( on my Big-Blue Rizer), went onto the central spine, and after a fair bit of head-scratching, the supplied brackets and U-bolts lined up nicely. Leaving the sump resting on the padded front support … This was with a “universal” kit … Not specific to any particular bike … And, the reason I decided on the “Big-Blue” , was to have clearance for the exhausts … Have you bought your lift second hand …? With the lifting brackets, specific for another make of bike …? PM me, we can establish telephone contact, and get to the bottom of this … You may well just need a “universal” set of brackets … and the removal of an exhaust … Regards, Tony

Cheers Tony. Yes second hand but came with a bunch of other options so I’ll have a look about and see what looks possible.

I got a wheel chock the other day to hold it upright while I contemplate the problem

I was wondering about using the centre stand mounts on the frame and under the sump like you

If I get stuck I’ll give you a shout



Robust and stable, and has a capacity far beyond what you’ll need. And if you shop around you should find one for less than this.

The Roamer is currently in the air on the EazyRizer Red

Took a creative solution to pick up on the cross tube and a support at the front to the sump, so I can still drop the oil filter

Thanks for the pointers Tony

Thanks Tris, Glad to hear that you finally got sorted … Regards, Tony