Scotland 2015

A few colleagues and myself are doing a 5 day /4 night trip to northern reaches!

28th May to 1st June 2015.

Day 1. Leave J31 M6 up through the lakes and then coast road to Gourock…hop on ferry to overnight in Dunoon. Approx 250 miles.
Day 2. Dunoon to Grantown on Spey via Inverary,Ft William,Inverness and Carrbridge. Approx 210 miles.
Day 3. Grantown to Grantown via the Ride magazine recommended loop. Approx 142 miles.
Day 4. Grantown to Byrness via Braemar,Perth and Edinburgh. Approx 225 miles.
Day 5. Byrness to Hebden Bridge via Richmond and Skipton. This is where we split up and head to our own towns. Approx 155 miles plus however many to home.(64 for me)

We have been really lucky weather wise over the last few years of trips so i am hoping this will be no different.

Will post pics on my return

Dates now changed due to an oversight!

9th to 13th July.

Tomorrows the day.

All hail the weather gods!!

Travel well.
Weather improving all the time!
See you when you get back

Hope you have a good trip.
I did a quick run in May: Day 1 North Oxfordshire to Alloway. (M6, A75, then over Galloway hills)
Day 2 Alloway to Arisaig, via Gourock, ferry Dunoon, Â Inverary, Corran Ferry, along loch Sunart to Arisaig. Day 4 Arisaig to Biggar, via Fort William, Loch Lomond, Glasgow, clyde valley. Day 5 Biggar back to Oxfordshire - A roads across to M74, then M6 etc.
Weather mixed bag, some good , some really wet , but overall a good run.