Any recommendations for a short excursion to Scotland? We have a works shutdown coming up at the end of Sept so I thought I might use 4 or 5 days to head North if the weather looks reasonable. Not camping so any nice B&B or other accommodation suggestions welcome, as well as routes. Probably taking the loop but maybe the Spada or a last blast on the VFR before it gets sold.


Dates? How far north?

Starting from Stafford, probably on Sat 24th. Back home on Weds 28th. Say 250 miles/day so how far will that get me?

Only been to Scotland once before to look at possible universities with daughter (St Andrews & Edinburgh) so have no idea what’s where.

Go to the ferry slip at Largs…and catch it to Great Cumbrae…september weekend used to signal the end of the season and the Waverley used to call at the pier and a piper used to play…Happy Days…
Probably all gone…

Perthshire would be a nice area to base tour. It is possible but hard slog to “do” the north north - eg JoG. You do after all want to enjoy it or are you a hammer down sort of chap? If you strike it lucky with the weather then the autumn colours in Perthshire should be starting to look good. Not so the grip on the roads of course. Further north - a 1/2 day - from there is Inverness and you could also base there and go west to Skye - the ubiquitous route, or equally north west to Ullapool (TriumphFest meet this w/end) or into the Moray coastline - an area IMHO that holds several attractive motorcycling routes and POIs and which is generally regarded as secondary to the west -a mshtrake! The A9 is to be avoided due to average cams, roadworks, caravans, artics, etc. If you can, take the old A9 through the wee villages now bypassed by the partially dualled bigger brother. This route is slower of course but has sections well worth doing. The only section of the A9 worth considering is the Highland Amalfi as I call it - Tain to Wick. Late afternoon on the weekend - wicked. :slight_smile:
As ever take care feds and red deer are natural hazards.

It’s a big place, Scotland. And you really need to understand if you want to actually see a bit of it, do a TT round it or find the technically challenging bits.
The low lands are often over looked. The Buccleugh in Moffat is run by father and son bikers Dave n Clint.

Moffat is a great venue to base. Kielder water,Jedburgh, Ayr all in easy striking distance.
I did the TT thing collecting all the Scottish landmarks for the Spinal reasearch. I had a great riding experience, but I only saw the geography of the Scottish road network, not Scotland.

Thanks for suggestions all. I’ll get the maps out and see what fits together in the time available. Of course, I need the weather to play ball to some extent. If I’m on the loop I’ll be going steady and looking at the scenery, but I have some places to look up now.
Kate - I think the Waverley is still running, but I believe it moves around the coast now. My parents live in Harwich and did a trip up the Thames on it last year.

I am just back from doing the " North coast 500" strapped the tent on the back just in case I could not get digs. Glad I did because everywhere had " no vacancies". Camped at Applecross, Ullapool and wick, weather was glorious. Enjoy if you go.

Ave a good un if you go…xx