Scottish Rally Photos

Hopefully the following link will take you to an album of photos from the Scottish Rally. If it doesn’t work I’ll try again.


Smashin pics Elaine…x

Brilliant. Brings back memories of a great weekend that now seems ages ago. Thanks Elaine :smiley:


What’s the reason for having your name scrolled across the photos? Cheers Mo

My copyright signature protects my rights as the photographer Mo. But I should have said, if anyone wants a copy of any photos, just message me here or on Facebook and I’ll happily send an unmarked copy :smiley:

Elaine x

Excellent photos, great weekend, you managed to make our bikes look good and my hair less grey, super job!


Gino,on the subject of photos, my old bike club ,Devon Valley mcc is having a reunion later this year to celebrate what would have been it’s 50th anniversary, old pics have surfaced of a young looking Gino at various 80’s rallies, i’ts a real stroll down memory lane. Did you know there was a fb page dedicated to your old club, Fair city mcc?
Elaine, sorry to hi-jack thread, excellent pics!

Yes I know about the existence of evidence from my younger years of bad behaviour :smiley: Not on faceboak but the guys keep me in the loop. Does that mean then that i am no longer “young looking” ? ha ha, Most of the photos would have been from the late 70’s, very early 80’s (I started racing then and had to spend my cash on petrol and avgas instead of beer and whisky)
Fair City MCC would have been 40 years old this year, great times!