Seat recovering service in Essex?

I remember Nick in Kent posting about a seat he had recovered somewhere not to far from me, but I can’t find his post and have deleted all my PMs. Anyone have any ideas or know of a firm in East Anglia, London or the south east?

Many thanks

this is who i used when i had the seat done on my 1000s,did a great job
he,s in bluebell hill village,can highly recommend him

Buzz has suggested a company in Heybridge, just down the road from here, he also mentioned a firm in Frinton that is also not too far but he thought would be cheaper.

Well after waiting a whole year to get my seat back from a guy in Wales it didn’t fit the back of the petrol tank. I sent it back with a template and photos and it came back a little better but still wrong. In the exceptional summer heat all of the glue went soft where the cover was bonded to the base. So I need to get it sorted and I need to get it done somewhere nearer to home. Any ideas of a good trimmer in Essex?

Yep for sure. You want ‘Mick the Seat’. You can reach him on 07854 700302. Great guy, great service, good prices, v. fast turn around. You can drop off and pick up from him at his place of employ out on the old road between Marks Tey and Colchester. He’s done the seats on Jug (new foam, old cover) and the Pearl (old foam, new cover) for me this year. He’ll be doing my SP370 before long too.

Thanks Butch I will give them a call :slight_smile:

That’s useful. I’ve also been looking for somewhere to get my seat re-covered. I found what looked like a decent place in North London ( great pictures on a good website ) but when I rang them I was told that they don’t open on Saturdays, which is no good to me.

I’ll give your man a call.

I found a few in Essex but they were either classic car finishers or custom bike seat trimmers. Nothing wrong with all that I hear you say, but the costs of rubbing shoulders with Aston Martin and show Harley owners did not match my pocket.

I am going to see Mick the seat next week, hopefully he can do everything I want and at last I can fit my seat to the bike after 18 months trying to get it sorted.

I jst picked up my seat from Mick. A great job at a really good price ( £65 ) which included reshaping the foam. Looks like new.
Thanks for the recommendation Butch.

I had a call from Mick the seat, apparently he has removed the covers from both the 750S seat and a V7 Sport dual seat that I let him have as a template to put the front of the 750S seat to rights and the metal pan of the 750S one is badly bent and will need a little bashing to get it straight. I took it to a steel fabricators (owned by friends) but they make steel building frames and are used to iron fighting of a much more heavy metal kind.

Butch suggested a tinsmith north of Bury St Eddy, but that is a good three hour round trip in the car, so I have decided to take on the challenge myself. How difficult can it be? I will make wooden formers to sit inside the seat base and over it and then bash the sandwich with a heavy mallet, how could it go wrong?

I will post before and after photos, see if you can guess which is which! :confused:

ggrrrr, said the retired time served blacksmith, :laughing: and that go’s for seat recomendacions to.

I hammered it out myself and then took it to TAB in Maldon who welded up a couple of splits in the flanged edge and a rust hole or two. Just painting it now :smiley:

Am I a mind reader? Unless you tell me these things I will never know… :smiley:

Well I thought you was the mine of all wisdom lols :laughing: but I got that wrong, as usual :blush:

For those not in Essex (or anywhere really) try Tony Archer in Huddersfield. Unit 7d Bradley Mills, HD1 6PQ. Tel: 01484 536832.
He’s done two Moto Guzzi seats for me so far. Very good at it: can do gel padding, special covers, reshaping foam etc. whatever you need.

Highly recommended but busy so don’t expect instant turnaround.

I used this chap to re-leather the seats on my car:
He did a really good job on the Morgan - and has a selection of M/C seats for inspection.

Just picked up the cut down seat for my SP from Mick the Seat. Another cracking job.

Just picked up both seats from Mick the Seat, 750S seat has be re-worked so it now fits the base and foam, and most importantly it now wraps around the back of the tank. He took my V7 Sport seat apart to get a pattern for the front of the seat and discovered that the 750S seat base that was supposedly fixed by the previous trimmer, was bent and twisted. I had to hammer it straight then get it welded up where cracked.

I touched up the paint and got Mick the Seat to make a new cover for the dual seat whilst he was at it. I am very happy with the results and now have two very good seats (why I want a dual seat for a 750S replica I do not know, you will have to ask Karen!)

I was not going to name and shame the guy as he told me he was having family problems, but he is selling covers for 750S/750S3 seats and the photo in the advert is of my seat before he sent it back to me. If you buy one the cover will not fit. Mick the seat had to make new side panels and add length to the front of the top panel and to the tail piece. The seat took a whole year to get “fixed” by the previous trimmer and then I had to send it back. Even then it did not fit and the glue melted in the hot weather last summer. I can only guess he lost my original cover as the one he made for me was way out. So buyer beware, they are advertising their 750S/750S3 seat cover on eBay. PM me for further details if you want.

Mick the Seat is the trimmer for me. Two seats sorted £120. I paid the guy in Wales £100 and then had to get the welding done myself for another £20 even though he said it had already been done. Live and learn.

:laughing: keep it up lads. Me and delboy are now on commission lols,
All joking aside the man is bloody good and dedicated to a top quality finish.
And prices are more than reasonable ’

Mick the seat is very good but he does not do fake stitching, so if you want your seat to look original with fake stitching rows across the top you will either have to supply him with that cloth or accept real stitching as I have done. The only problem with real stitching is it lets in water. Mick the seat has covered the foam with polythene and I no longer ride my bike wearing jeans so I should not get a soggy bottom. :neutral_face: