Seat recovering

I want to have the seat for my T3 re-shaped and re-covered.I recall a mention on this board of someone in central Scotland who was good at this, but I can’t find it in the archive. Maybe a post that has been deleted ?Can anyone steer me in the right direction ? Thanks in advance.

Hi Ken, I can recommend ‘Saddlecraft’ in Southshields just over the border who recently made a superb job of recovering and exactly replicating the sprung seat on my old 70’s V7 Special. The cost was also very reasonable. They have a good web site but give them a call to discuss. Cheers Steve

KenI can recommend Jim Watt who has a workshop at Almondbank on the outskirts of Perth, done loads of work for me & many others, never a complaint!His Number is;07787 180812

Is that you back Gino, after all that galavanting?

Na no quite yet, lapping up the sun in Florida while we decide a return date. Bikes have gone though so not the same. We’ll follow soon

Thanks Steve and Gino.