Seat Refurb for T3

Looking to get my T3 seat refurbed, the base is ok.
It has what looks like an early Spada seat fitted which is lower and narrower than the later ones which suits me just fine. Where’s the best place to get this done please, i know there’s plenty of choice out there, but would really like to keep the seat the same style and comfort as it is now.

Cheers Chilly

Are you near Essex Chilly?

St Neots, between Cambs and Bedford

I fitted a seat cover made for a V50 to my Spada, The patterning was identical to the original one. The cover was made by Bob The Seat on eBay or Morretti seats on the internet. Just ask him to leave a bit of extra material at the front to form the bit up onto the tank.
I got a local upholsterer in Shepshed G A Wells to fit it.
Well pleased with the result.

Guzzi Spada by Don West, on Flickr

That looks great Don, will give that idea a go .
Cheers Chilly

Mick the seat is highly recommended in Colchester. If you are interested I’ll send you his details via PM

Thanks Chris
All sorted now, chap in Burwell will do it for me
Cheers Chilly