Seat Upholsterer Recommendations

I am trying to locate a seat upholsterer, preferably within the Lincolnshire borders or thereabouts, who would be able to use my V50 Mk2 original seat pan but create a flat tracker type seat out of it. Recommendations of anyone you might think suitable I can approach would be gratefully received. Thanks.

We have someone in the Wiltshire branch who is able to do this (professionally trained) - I’m not sure he is on here… if you PM me I will connect you.


If you don’t mind going farther afield, these guys did an excellent custom job on an old Motobi seat for me:

Or try
Paul Nahoulakian, near Didcot.
He used to do the F! teams known as Paul the trim.
He is now retired but his son carries on the business and is just as good.
Has appeared in Gambo so obviously top bloke.

Saxon Seating in Christchurch, may be a bit far for you but they do a great job. P&P Seating, I think were in the Midlands? Another good company.