Seeking advice on my misfiring cali

Hi folks
My 2004 cali stone has shown signs of stuttering as the throttle is barely opened since I bought her 3 years ago. Last year she broke down in Glasgow 5 hours from home which resulted in a new in tank fuel pump at great expense. I hoped this would have sorted it but the stuttering is still there and on a couple of occasions as I have opened the throttle to overtake I have witnessed complete loss of power (very worrying and dangerous). Could anyone offer advice? I have no mechanical skills and live in north west Wales but would be willing to travel a couple of hours if anyone could suggest a good bike mechanic that could sort it out for me. Alternatively i could offer accommodation for 2 for a weekend (Frid and sat night avoiding school hols) at a self catering unit free of charge on the beautiful Llyn Peninsula for anyone who could come over to service the bike and sort out this annoying problem. Can you sense my desperation!
Thanking you in advance.

This story sounds very familiar, is this the bike that broke down near Loch Lomond and had the story about it in Gambalunga?No expert on the injection models meself but have a broswe around in the tech bit. There was a lengthy discussion about fuel pump problems just recently.Maybe one of the mods could move this to the tech section

Hi Don
It’s the very one! It turned out to be a bit of a journey! Would appreciate very much a link to the relevant tech info.

Thanks for your help

Hi Gwyn Couple of links to a discussion about fuel pumps here:-

Would Stafford be within your range for a good mechanic? Nigel at NBS is the man to fix a Guzzi up your way. 13:52:12

hope you get this sorted soon

Hi Gwyn, when I first got my Stone I had a very similar problem, if not exactly the same.

I changed the phase sensor … no difference
Put some thermal transfer paste under the engine temperature sensor … seemed to improve running but the erratic stutter remained.

A possible cause may be the TPS (it wasn’t for me).
I doubt the fuel pump is the problem, either they work or not, can’t imagine an intermittent and erratic problem from the pump.

Eventually and in desperation I started going over the bike with a multimeter checking resistance and voltage drop. I found that the main ignition fuse holder had a very high resistance so I cut it out of the circuit and replaced it with an inline fuse. Problem solved.

Took many frustrating months to find that problem. Mechanics generally don’t do that kind of detailed wiring checks (in my experience).

Hope this is helpful. With luck Phil (McFuzzy) will see this post as he live near (ish) to you and also owns a Stone.


I think this could be so many things, from a faulty/loose side stand switch, the problem I’ve had lately of sticking throttle body pivots, corrosion on electrical connectors… It would take me a month to sort it out, I’ll arrange to have next month off at work ok. I assume you’ll provide beer too :wink:

Seriously, is it only when the motor’s hot? Cold? Wet?

Have you got an alarm fitted?

Mcfuzzi you could have hit on it
The side stand sensor often Doesn’t trigger and I have to open and close the side stand a few times before setting off. Should I take it out? Some of the fuses look corroded also. I need to take a day off and go through these points one by one. This forum is great and you guys so helpfull. Selling the Guzzi would like be leaving a family! Diolch folks I’ll get to it. Still needs a 12k service so will get the bike over to a bike mechanic in near future also but I would like to start basic maintenance myself so no time like present ah!

No alarm fitted

You could try taping the side stand switch in the closed (side stand up) positon to try it befroe you take the thing off.

Just remember that you could start the bike in gear then if its the same as mine

Basic service -change the oils and filter, clean or change plugs- that’s probably all you’ll get for lots of money. First time will take you a couple -few hours, save you a few quid and help you onto that road of belonging to your bike. Is yours Hydraulic tappets?

Yes it is. But shouldn’t I be getting fork oil changes, air filters etc done now it’s hit that mileage? These would be beyond me I think. The basic things I can give a try as I did those on my old honda hornet which was easy to work on.

I did the proper job dismantling forks, I think it was about 25k, and there was grey sludge. Important to fit new washers in bottoms, be methodical and clean. Doubt a shop would do this as thoroughly, unless for big bucks. Airfilter is easy. Fuel filter is a pig.

Oh and I just remembered the fuel tap solenoid is prone to fault. I simply replaced mine with a manual item from MG Cycles (USA) to take it out of the equation.

I would remove the side stand switch entirely.

Hope you get things sorted. As Phil says, slow, patient and clean. Your bike will love you so much more if you start to care for it yourself

Check your manual.
The oil in mine only acts as a lubricant might not need a changetris2014-03-30 08:09:30

I agree disconnect or short out, whichever way round it works, the side stand switch see if cures the problem.


But always remember that switch is there for a very good reason. The lack of it has been known to kill.

The V11 sometimes has “issues” with side stand switch a squirt of good old WSD40 seems to cure it.


If you can work on a Hornet a Guzzi is a hell of alot easier, bigger lumps of metal to hit … Far more satisfying…

Guzzi A-Z of tools begin with:-

A = 'Ammer or 'arf a brick

Of course the newer Carc models are starting to get a bit sophisticated and do not at all like the hamfisted stuff you can do with the older 2 valve type bikes.guzzibear2014-03-31 12:16:46