Service for a Audace

Hi all, hope you are all well. Does anybody know of a good garage to service my Audace (I live in the Milton Keynes area)?

Regards Giuseppe

Greetings, possibly Twiggers in Loughborough, near Leicester? Google maps says 66 miles from MK.
I haven’t used them yet but they’re ‘on my radar’ so to speak, and they’ve had good comments.

A couple of suggestions
Gavins Bike Hospital Oxford
M : 07970 855318. Email :
Unit S7 Didcot Enterprise Centre Southmead Industrial Est Hawksworth Didcot OX11 7PH

Gavins Bike Hospital Oxford

Gavin has retired.

Thank you all, I’ll have a look at your suggestions.

Regards Giuseppe

Twiggers . Great service…

Hi again all.
Also, is it ok to use redex on an Audace to clean out your engine?

Regards Giuseppe

If you are not already sorted these two are both very close to you in Milton Keynes and both independent Italian bike specialists

Baines have been around for decades . Iain @ RPM started working on bikes of mine at Baines about 30 years ago and set up on his own several years ago.
Both have excellent reputations as far as I am aware.

Thank you Dukesox

I’ve always used Twiggers
They’ve probably forgotten more about Guzzi’s than most main dealers will ever know

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