I have a 2007 1200 Sport. The service icon has come on together with a red triangle warning light. I have looked in the manual and it says that I need to contact a Moto Guzzi dealer to get a code to access the error code information.  I have spoken to a couple of dealers and they just want me to book it in for them to check it over  and will not give me any code.  Is there anyway I can access and interpret the error code as it may be something simple that I can fix.  The bike seems to run fine.  Any ideas?


The service code for my Breva 1100 is 36421. Â It is the same code for the 1200 Sport 4V.

My pal’s Griso does it pretty much every time he gets caught out in the rain, if you can get a code that works it may just need resetting if you are lucky…

How about using GuzziDiag software to read any codes in the ecu?

It’s a free download (contributions to the people who developed it are encouraged), you can buy a cable from LonElec for £20 or so, then connect your laptop to the bike.

I used it to reset the Throttle Position Sensor after balancing the throttle bodies on my Breva 1100. Worked a treat!

Thanks for the replies. Â I will try them all as soon as I can.