Service spanner on dash, again

My dash is showing the service spanner (Norge 2V). Initially it was just flashing a few times when I turned the ignition on, but now is on all the time. It’s only done 2000 miles since a service at Moto Corsa in Sep. The manual says it comes on after 10000 KLM’s, but I have a feeling it came on before when a headlight bulb failed, lights are all ok though.

Any thoughts?

Was the light on before your last service? If not, they may not have reset or been able to reset the service indiator.
Probably best just to pop back to service dealer

Your dealer or someone on here should be able to tell you the code to reset it.

This code may be the right one for your 2 valve - 28315
you can navigate through the menu and reset the service indicator

if not pop it back to dealer for reset

Black insulation tape? :laughing:

Thanks, had a chat to Motocorsa.

I am not sure I fully understand what they said, but I think the gist was that the service spanner would come on every 10,000 km regardless of it was reset at a previous service. This is probably right as I think the mileage at the time was more or less equivalent to 60,000 km. So even though it was reset only 2000 miles ago, the computer still tells you to have a service every 10k! MVs are the same apparently. Italian logic I guess.

They gave me the reset code, so will have a go at that. Brian was correct on that