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A couple of weeks ago I bought a 07 Breva 1100. It was fully serviced when I picked it up.
So today the the ‘service needed’ warning light & wording has popped up on the speedo.
How do I get rid of it???

from the electronic hater

Try taking the bulb out

There is a list about of the how to get rid of these messages.

OR … was it fully serviced tris2013-04-17 07:54:42

Yes it was serviced - but not by a Guzzi dealer!!!

Any idea where I can find the list mentioned above ?

Moto Guzzi Service Codes:

Breva 850 & 1100 – 36421 or 36424; With joystick: 28315

1200 Sport – 36421 - For models with button control, (i.e. like the Griso set-up) --OR-- 28315 - for the ‘Joystick’ type (like the Norge/Breva 11 etc.).

2007-10 Norge 1200 2V & 2012+ 4V – 28315

Griso 850 , 1100 & 1200 – 12425

Griso 8V – 12425

Bellagio – 21959

Stelvio – 10695

With thanks to Guzzitech.

I’ve found, as have others, that one day it comes on… drive it round the block, take the key out - and the light goes out… or sometimes its the other way round…
Some call it character :slight_smile:

Thanks Quizibear - all sorted .
36421 did the trick.
All the info can be found on Guzzitech.


Glad to help Often if anyone has a tech issue take a nose through ORU
frequently asked questions OR
Non OEM Parts

Loads of info in there that is where I got those from posted by Brian

You didn’t have to go as far as Guzzitech, it’s all here in the FAQ.

That was the ones I posted mate

Don’t think he was talking to you

If you bought the Breva from a non-Guzzi dealer then it is very likely that the TPS hasn’t been checked as it needs specific software to do that. A specialist Italian bike shop may have the right gear to check and re-set the TPS but they wouldn’t be able to update the mapping if necessary, only a Guzzi dealer can do that. However appropriate software is available for free from Ducatidiag, all you have to buy is the appropriate cables. This will also tell you which version of the mapping you are running. Quite a few people on this forum including myself are successfully using it.

Even if you buy a Guzzi from a franchised dealer and they say it has been fully serviced they may be economical with the truth. The only thing that was done to mine was the engine oil and filter. There are good dealers out there but you may have to travel a fair distance.

I doubt there would be any newer maps available for an 07 B1100.Ducatidiag will tell you the mapping installed, but you would not be able to change it, even if you knew there was a later version (Ducatidiag won’t tell you), without buying additional software at around £100.

You can check some map updates here here
There has also been some discussion as to whether the maps for the last 2v 1200’s would be an improvement on the 1100 Carcs.
My local Guzzi dealer failed to update the mapping even when specifically asked to do it.

Well no Guzzi dealer has the ability to put a 1200 map into an 1100, their system simply won’t permit it.Yes the additional software for Ducatidiag will allow maps to be transferred between models, but of course it costs.