Servicing and Warranty

I believe my V7 will need to be serviced at a dealer to maintain the warranty.

Looking at the Guzzi website, I have a local dealer that is sales only, and another 50 mile away that is sales and service.

Will either dealer do for ongoing servicing?


I would have thought that if you’re local place was an official Guzzi dealer, then they would have to be able to PDI and service them, or they’d never have been granted a franchise by Piaggio? If they are just a satellite site to the other one you mentioned, then in all likelihood they will just truck it to them for servicing.

Whilst any motorcycle dealer with their salt will be able to service a V7, with the 850, only the official dealer-only PADs diagnostic kit will be able to download ECU updates and register the service on the Piaggio computer system. However, despite earlier rumours to the contrary, it was recently reported on the V7 UK Owners Group on FB, that the service icon CAN be turned off using non-Piaggio diagnostic kit :wink:.

Thanks for that. I’ll obviously check with the local dealer first, but was a bit confused by the Guzzi website itself as it differentiates between dealers and service centres

Any more info on how to do this? I have a device that plugs into the OBD socket for a car and an app on my phone to reset faults, is it a similar process for the V7?

Here’s a related post that was on the UK V7 Facebook group:

"I was chuffed as when my local garage used their standard diagnostic tool and reset the spanner on the clock of my 2022 v7 after the service. Sod the portal entry, I have all the documents of each service :+1:t2: Very happy bunny!

Yes they confirmed it was the Texa unit that reset the spanner."

I too have an OBD2 reader for a car and will be interested to see if I can reset the service icon when I do the servicing next year, once the warranty expires. You will need an adapter for the diagnostic socket on the bike, though these are available apparently.

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Has anyone actually used a cheap generic obd2 reader to read and reset a fault code and spanner alert on the latest V7 850 or V85tt? if so can you please name the model you used.

I’ve successfully connected a cheap OBD II reader to the V7 850 using the appropriate adaptor cable which cost about £10 from eBay. It will read and clear fault codes but doesn’t seem to be able to reset the service ‘spanner’ icon - though that has yet to show up for another 500 miles on mine.

However, all the people that I’ve heard do the same have been unable to unless you buy a £350 but of kit and a subscription for something like this or a professional Texa version.

Guzzi have deliberately made it difficult now so that you take it back to the dealer to service and reset it using their PADS system (Piaggio Advanced Diagnostic System). It’s highly unlikely that a dealer would just reset the service light for you, without doing the actual service. The only other option is to do it yourself and keep the paperwork and records to prove to any future buyer and just live with the tiny spanner icon. That’s what I intend to do :wink: