Servicing in London/Essex?

Has anybody got a recommendation[s] for Guzzi servicing?
My first Guzzi [1100 Sport] was tuned by Amedeo at Raceco and my last Guzzi [V11 Scura]was looked after at Corsa Italiana [Baldrick].
Raceco and Corsa are no more of course.

Has anybody used Ray Petty at Greenwich?
I’ve emailed Baldrick and been ignored and the previous owner of my bike used Central Bikes but I’m not sure about them!

Cheers, Tel.

Baldrick would get my recommendation, check his details in Gambalunga in case you have got hisemail address wrong. I find calling or texting usually gets better results.

I have used Newcombe Brothers in Chelmsford for a while now, although they are no longer Guzzi dealers. I bought my Stelvio from them and they still work on it and are knowledgable of Guzzis.

I always use Ray Petty for my Ducati and I have used Baldrick for my Guzzis in the past and he’s been great.

I’d not hesitate to use Ray for my Guzzi, he’s had more Guzzis than I’ve had hot dinners.

Depends who is nearer to you I suppose.

Thanks for the replies and advice!
I’m confused by Baldrick because I thought he was at Mottingham [as in his ad in Gambalunga] but when you Google him it shows Leatherhead in Surrey.
Greenwich or Mottingham are ok for me because I know both areas well.
Chelmsford is easy for me too. I don’t need the service yet but wanted to ask who people recommend.
I’m aiming to be at The Viper next month for the Essex branch meet so will hopefully meet some people then…

Baldrick is at

Rye bridge close
KT22 7QH
United Kingdom

And his mobile is
One One