Servicing spanner icon

How do you cancel spanner icon on V7 special on 2022 model if you do your own maintainance?

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I think only a dealer can reset the spanner icon.

That is my understanding too.

That was my thinking too, it needs to be plugged into the dealer’s machine to reset the electrickery and remove the spanner light. Call your nearest dealer and getting it done for free, as it won’t take them long, worth a try anyway…

If you do own maintainance and spanner is showing once you have the mot, could it fail.
New MOT failure surrounds warning icons flashing on screen.

Where in the country are you Rippers?

Hi Chris I am in South Cheshire/Staffordshire

Hi Rippers… I used to own a 2015 V7II, and serviced it myself, ( when out of warranty)… There was only four easy steps to cancel “maint” when it appeared in the LCD display in the speedo … Does your dash consist of two clocks, and two small chrome buttons between them ? … If yes, then we may be in sight of a solution… Regards, Tony

No buttons on dash of V7 850 Special - as been said, dealer tool only. :cry:

Does GuzziDiag not work on this bike?

Unfortunately no, needs OBD2 reader that is canbus compatible. :worried:

Last I heard, the Guzzidiag people will have to write a new program. :astonished:

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