sexist perhaps

Yesterday I met up with a female friend with her new bike, 1100cc Rebel.

I looked over her bike, sat on it, felt surprisingly small.

She looked at my bike, and said, " What’s that crack down there!"

I wondered what she’d spotted…

She was looking at the slot below the wheel spindle, that the pinch bolts tighten through. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

You get people who have limited mechanical knowledge of both sexes. Or however many sexes there are now :unamused:

A friend of mine came to motorcycling in his thirties and ventured out for a ride with us on his relatively new Suzuki. I noticed that the majority of the group had stopped so did a U turn to investigate. The Suzuki rider said that he thought there was something seriously wrong with his engine as it was making loud pinging noises. We got him to start it up, and all agreed that it sounded normal, so of we went again. Almost straight away the Suzuki pulled up. Same noise again. We were on a recently resurfaced road and the noise was gravel pinging on his metal front mudguard. Oh how we laughed.

I have recounted this tale to address the lack of balance in this thread. Just watch out when Uki gets back from her holiday, I would not want to be the author of anything contentious in her absence :confused:

Conversely, it usually takes a bloke to really screw things up.

I’m normally that bloke.

I’m the first to admit that I have a very limited technical knowledge so I will let you lot of :laughing: