SGS- Smelly Glove Syndrome

My winter gloves stink and I hate it. Anyone else have the same problem or any ideas how to fix? It takes 3 hand washes to get rid of the smell on my hands some days. I don’t have the same problem with unlined summer gloves, so suspect it must be bacteria growing in the lining.

I have this with all my pairs. I thought there may be some kind of fabric conditioner spray or something I could use?Â

Not tried this myself but I have heard that putting the gloves into the freezer overnight will kill off the bacteria.


Have had some success with the following:
Take a large pack of Dettol wet wipes, poke into all nooks and crannies inside the glove, filling it up. Leave for 24 hours hanging up, remove wipes, tweezers come in handy, and allow to air dry. Gets rid of the smell and bacteria but they will smell of Dettol for a week or two.
Cheers, Gerry.

Thanks, both ideas seem pretty reasonable so will try and report back. I did wonder about microwave too but some may recall I overdid some gloves a year or so ago so am reluctant to try it again!!

Febreze spray seems to work despite not being advertised as anti-bacterial.
I like the other ideas too :bulb: Â
all the best

Silk liners help

I actually just wash them - thorough hand wash in detergent as hot as you can stand with disinfectant if they really are smelly. Rinse thoroughly and hang up somewhere where they can dry slowly - in my case the unheated garage. When they are dry (takes a few days) re-treat all leather really thoroughly with the dressing of your choice - I like Nikwax, but many others are available.

I first did this in exasperation - it was either that or the gloves were going in the bin. However, it really didn’t seem to do any harm at all. If anything it can improve the fit! Cheap gloves may not stand it, though - but then you probably get what you pay for.

24 hours in the freezer so far and they still smell a bit . Will l;eave them a bit longer and then try one of the other options Washing seems a bit obvious but why not? They have been sodden enough times after long wet tripsÂ